Cyclops Digital Microscope with Stand & Remote

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Feature 1:
5-megapixel sensor
Feature 2:
HDMI and USB outputs
Feature 3:
LED illumination with intensity control
Feature 4:
Large magnification range and long working distance
Feature 5:
Infrared remote control for all major features
Cyclops Digital Microscope with Stand & Remote

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Dual-mode scope has HDMI and USB outputs. View your inspection on your monitor.  Reduce eye strain and neck fatigue. This innovative inspection scope connects directly to a HD monitor as well as to a computer. Operators see magnified videos or single frames while looking straight ahead at a large screen, rather than hunching over narrow microscope eyepieces. A large working distance and 30 LEDs allow examination of sizable objects. Magnification ranges up to 270x on a 21.5? HD monitor or 534x for PC viewing. Image capture software provided with Cyclops includes measurement and editing tools. For PC Cam use, the software offers Compare mode, Measurement mode and Device Control mode. Auto-focus operation is available in USB mode. This breakthrough instrument increases accuracy and productivity while easing eye strain and user fatigue – valuable benefits in high-volume applications, such as parts inspection in assembly operations